HERMES 'LES PERROQUETS' Silk Scarf by Joachim Metz.

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This is a magnificent silk scarf or shawl by HERMES PARIS.

Originally designed by Joachim Metz for Hermes,it depicts in splendid colour a jungle theme of brightly coloured parrots in thick green foliage.

The background and borders are in a deep red with blue and gold.Just fantastic as you would expect!!

The scarf measures 90 x 90 cms.It has as usual with Hermes hand rolled and hand stitched edges.

As for the condition, it is very good, but we like to be really really picky so you are in no doubt.

There are 2 very tiny pinholes in one corner which cannot be seen on photo and are nearly impossible to spot with the naked eye.

The original owner has cut the original labels off, presumably as they do spoil the look a bit.The scarf is signed Hermes Paris and 'Metz'.

If it were not for this we would be asking closer to £300.

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