Vintage NAVAJO/ZUNI Silver TURQUOISE Belt buckle with belt. Signed M.W.

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This is a quite gorgeous Rectangular NAVAJO/ZUNI belt buckle in sterling silver and natural turquoise stones.

It is set on a more modern belt I think.

There is the rectangular buckle with an outer decoration and a raised inner plaque of floral design incorporating two natural turquoise stones.

The back is signed M.W. I am not sure who this is but it may be someone called Martha Willie.
The buckle is held on to the belt with a bar and it attaches to the belt holes via a silver peg or pin.
I think the belt is a more modern addition and to some extents irrelevant compared to the lovely buckle.

All very stunning and in very good original condition.

There is however a dink one end as can be seen on the photos and a very slight kink the other.Both of these I am sure could be rectified, but personally I would leave them as it is vintage used item.

The silver has not been polished or cleaned...I will leave that to you!!

The buckle measures approx 3x2 inches.

The belt is light brown brown leather by OXOXO made in China and has a total length
of 43inches again being in very good condition with a small amount of wear to the inner part

This is a very special and rare piece and despite the price,I believe is still a great deal.

We do have another NAVAJO 4 piece Belt and buckle as you can see in the pictures.